Vintage Vehicle Service

Thanks to our diverse background and experience, we are able to work on your vintage vehicle with confidence. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand and correctly repair the problems with your vintage vehicle. Thanks to a wide range of experience and suppliers we can offer a great service and repair experience. Our goal is to get your vehicle roadworthy so you can enjoy driving your vintage vehicle.

Rebuilt engine

Customization/Fabrication & Restoration

Whether you’re looking for added performance or restoring the performance of what you have or turning you car into something radical, we can help you meet and exceed these goals. Having many years of combined experience of different types of racing, spirited driving and just enjoying the road, we are completely prepared to help you achieve the goals you set forth and make your vehicle truly yours!

We also offer Fabrication services so If you have something you want to make but are not sure just how or who to turn to we likely can help you!

Need a Frame off restoration or more minor restoration? We can help!
From metal replacement to electrical we can get your vehicle restored back to its former glory.

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